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Beauty is just the beginning. Tile is a health choice, too.

The backsplash in your kitchen serves both a practical and an aesthetic purpose. While its primary function may be to protect the walls from splashes and spills, the backsplash also provides a unique opportunity to embrace creative design and let your unique personality shine.

Especially in today’s open floor plans, the kitchen in the focal point of the home. Modern entertaining has moved out of the formal living and dining rooms of the past and increasingly centers on the kitchen. Designing a fun backsplash lends interest to the most popular room in the house, and because of its relatively small size, a creative backsplash gets the most impact from your redecorating dollar.  Gulf Tile & Cabinetry’s three showrooms provide the perfect place to choose your backsplash because of our tremendous selection and designer consultation.

Porcelain Tile Mosaic Backsplash

Porcelain Tile BacksplashPorcelain tile mosaic backsplash. A random natural mixed blend that incorporates porcelain with stone in the chair rail and tumbled stone in the recessed niche behind the stove.

Ceramic or Porcelain

Choosing ceramic tile for your backsplash doesn’t have to imply white, 4-inch squares. Ceramic tiles are available in a stunning array of colors, patterns and sizes. If you do decide to go with white, embossed tiles add texture without marring the monochrome look. Porcelain is harder than standard ceramic and available in a variety of finishes that mimic marble, slate, wood and other luxury materials.

Marble or Travertine

If you love the look of marble or travertine but don’t like the price tag for finishing an entire countertop or floor in one of these elegant stones, get the look for less using modular stone tiles in the backsplash. White Carrera marble looks especially stunning beneath a stainless steel oven hood, and warm, creamy travertine lends a homey atmosphere to French country kitchens.

AO Lindhurst Backsplash

AO Lindhurst Backsplash Perfect for any kitchen because of its neutral color palette, this random patterned mosaic is a combination of a glass & stone finished off with a Travertine chair rail.


Translucent glass tiles gleam softly, even in low light, and they add a hint of shine to kitchen backsplashes. The beautiful gem tones of these tiles are available in every imaginable color, including gold, silver metallic and bronze. Use 1-inch glass mosaics to create a brilliantly colored, textured backsplash, or long, slender rectangles in contrasting hues to fashion a unique brickwork pattern that’s full of muted light.

The beauty of backsplashes is that they can be whatever you envision. Mix and match materials to discover the look that’s right for your kitchen, your personality and your life.

Depending on your kitchen décor, the backsplash you design may be quiet and understated or flamboyant and full of color. Be daring if you will! Use open areas behind the sink or range to intensify the effect. The possibilities are nearly endless, and the final decision is entirely up to you. Meet with one of our consultants today to find out more.