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Temple Terrace Kitchen Remodel

After buying a new house in Temple Terrace, this couple had one ultimate goal for their kitchen remodel: Make their current, white Congeliolaminate, builders’ grade kitchen look exactly like the existing entertainment center in an adjoining room. They didn’t want something similar. They wanted all of the cabinets to appear as if they had been designed and installed at the same time.

Once again, the kitchen designers at Gulf Tile were happy to meet the challenge.

A Match Made in Heaven

After visiting the residence, taking measurements, and looking at the entertainment center, our designer was able to find a cabinet door style available in a finish that coordinated beautifully with the existing cabinetry. Although an exact replica was impossible, the dissimilarity in the new cabinets is so slight it appears as a design element used to differentiate the rooms. Fortunately, the matching cabinets came from one of our more readily available lines, so the customers were able to get exactly what they wanted without added expense.

Another Perfect Fit – Quartz Counters

CongelioThe customers were happy with the current floor plan, so the next step was new countertops. After looking at granite, they were unable to find a slab they were happy with, so our consultant suggested quartz. Offering all the depth, color and luster of granite but maintenance-free and virtually indestructible, quartz proved perfect in more ways than one. Since this couple had a young child staying with them, easy-care, stain-resistant quartz provided the perfect blend of form and functionality.

At Gulf Tile, we take customer satisfaction seriously. Whether you’re doing a ground-up remodel or a cabinet-and-counters makeover, our job is determine, design and build a kitchen that meets or exceeds customer expectations.