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Posted on September 3, 2014 by Frank John Garcia in Flooring

2014 Covering Conference Series Part III, The Emergence of Metal

Questech Vista Brushed NickelOne of the most exciting tile trends to emerge from this year’s Coverings 2014 flooring convention in Las Vegas was, without a doubt, metallic tile. If you appreciate the elegant look of metal in your home, you’ll be thrilled to see how these gorgeous metallic tiles can accentuate your home’s style in new and creative ways.

Twenty-five years ago, sculptor Roger Questel developed an innovative process to turn an epoxy resin into a stunning metallic product that could be sculpted and molded like metal, at one-fifth of the weight. This naturally led to the development of the Questech tiles.

Mosaic Tiles

It is now easier than ever to add a little shine and pizzazz to your tile mosaics. The metallic tiles come in a variety of metal-like finishes, from bronze and copper to gold, silver, brushed nickel and other cast metals.

Metallic Accent Tiles

D-2-x-2-Damask-Dot-DORBThe metallic tiles are offered in a stunning array of textures and sizes. Small square metallic accent tiles with the raised textured patterns of damask leaves or deco clovers and dots can be combined with any number of ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles to create a unique look in your bathroom. Kitchen backsplashes have never looked this good.

There are a couple of great advantages of resin metallic tiles over real metal. Real metal, aside from being quite heavy, will also acquire a patina over time. This patina permanently changes the look of the metal and will never look like it did when it was installed. Metallic tiles will forever look as gorgeous as the day you brought them home.


Another advantage of the Questech tiles over real metal is the stain and mildew resistance they provide. These metallic tiles can easily go into bathrooms and kitchens without any worry of being damaged by anything as mundane as soap, spaghetti sauce or mold. The Questech tiles are permanently sealed using a special process — just a simple wipe and you are on your way. There are never any labor intensive or expensive cleaners or resealing needed.

Stop by any one of our Gulf Tile showrooms to get a look at what’s available in the new metallic tiles. Let our flooring specialists inspire you!

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