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Posted on September 12, 2014 by Frank John Garcia in Flooring Tile Wood

2014 Covering Conference Series Part IV, The Emergence of Wood-Like Tile

Wood-like tiles made of ceramic and porcelain proved a big hit at this year’s Coverings 2014 flooring convention in Las Vegas. As wood looking tiles have been around for a few years, we were curious about the reasons behind the sudden increase in their popularity. Several immediately presented themselves:

Fantastic Selection of Woods Now Available in Tile

ElmIn years past, wood-like tiles were visually often pale imitations of the real thing. With the advances made in recent years with digital technology, the likeness to real wood is now stunning. The digital imaging is now capable of capturing minute details in the wood and translating them to the tile. For example, the wood grain, weathering or hand scraping marks that you get with genuine hardwoods can now be replicated in tile. As a result, there are no limits on the type, color or style of wood that you can now find in ceramic or porcelain. From traditional and expensive hardwoods to exotic and rare woods, you can now have the wood floor of your dreams.

The Durability of Tile With the Good Looks of Wood

Many homeowners who prefer the look of wood end up opting for the practicality of tile. Wood is beautiful, but can often be impractical. In wet or humid climates, wood can swell or crack. And it will periodically need to be refinished. Tile will last for decades and always look as good as the day you installed it.

In homes with pets and children, chips, nicks and scratches are always a concern with wood. With ceramic and porcelain, these are never an issue. The tiles simply will not scratch, dent, fade or nick. And since tile won’t absorb spills, you can relax next time your kids break out the fruit punch.

Wood Tile Offers Affordability and Flexibility of Design

Genuine hardwood flooring can be extremely pricey. That’s one of the greatest advantages to wood-like tiles. Porcelain and ceramic are more reasonably priced than wood and with the wide variety of tile widths and lengths, the possibilities for creating uniquely personal and beautiful design patterns are endless.

Wood Tile Expands the Boundaries of Wood

There are places where you might never dream of putting a wood floor: bathrooms, basements and laundry rooms, for example. These areas Porcelain Wood Planksare generally too damp and the amount of upkeep needed in order to combat the damage is a frightening thought. With wood-like tile, however, you can carry the look of wood throughout your home and not give a moment’s worry to how the humidity and dampness might ruin your flooring.

Drop by Gulf Tile today to take a look at the wide variety of wood tile now available. Our flooring experts will be thrilled to show you the latest in color and design trends for your home.

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