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Gulf Tile Kitchen Remodel

Gulf Tile Open Kitchen Design

Gulf Tile gave the homeowner a modern, open kitchen with plenty of storage and counter tops.

The heart of every home is the kitchen, and with good reason. Everyday life, special moments and the fondest of memories are created year after year with family and friends in this magnificent space. The kitchen area can present a unique set of challenges when it comes to either initial design or remodeling a space to accommodate a modern lifestyle. Solutions for improved functionality, beautiful aesthetics and open-concept are demonstrated fantastically in the Gulf Tile Moore Remodel project.

Design challenges

Homes undergoing the remodeling process have common design-challenges. Existing plumbing and wiring considerations, odd-shaped fixtures and furniture built-in’s as well as limited, existing storage options or inadequate storage space are all topics that require novel solutions. Angled, or load-bearing walls add an additional element of opposition, especially when related to the kitchen area of a home. The original home floor plan that made the kitchen space dark and cramped included several items that we needed to change for an updated modern design:

Gulf Tile elevated the original concept of the Moore kitchen through structural innovation and vision for the end results achieved here.

Creative solutions

Counter Space

Gulf Tile utilized the entire length of the back wall to maximize the counter space.

One of the most impressive improvements here, is the maximized counter space. A common objective of superior kitchen design, Gulf Tile accomplished this and more by utilizing the entire length of the back wall, once the space was opened up. Further, the design team ingeniously modified the wall cabinets in order to achieve a custom counter base with added storage. Creating deeper, 24″ kitchen cabinets not only improved the amount of counter space, it delivered and exceeded homeowner expectations. Throughout the kitchen, Merillat Classic Portrait cabinetry was used to create a cohesive feel to the newly open-concept design and thin panels were used to veneer seams on vertically installed cabinets so that they appear as a single unit. Gulf Tile utilized all options for in-wall wiring and plumbing and approached the angled wall challenge by intelligently utilizing two cabinets that appear as one.

Combining simple elegance with improved functionality

Taking a space that literally only consists of an oven and stove, and turning it into an elegant, gourmet kitchen requires inventiveness. The

By giving the kitchen island a radius single level countertop, the family will be able to add additional bar stools around the sides.

By giving the kitchen island a radius single level counter top, the family will be able to add additional bar stools around the sides.

Gulf Tile Moore Remodel project combined foresight with application in order to deliver both beauty and practical solutions for everyday family living. Extended counter tops, adding mosaic backsplash, and creatively designed cabinetry sets the stage for a kitchen that is both openly inviting and that incorporates every functional aspect of the space so well visually, that the entire kitchen is as cohesive as it is tantalizing. Kitchen design specifically requires a good floor plan, ample task-areas and appliances that are oriented appropriately. A well-designed kitchen will also equally, accommodate intimate gatherings and larger groups of friends and family. The magic is when it all comes together within budget and on time. When a space is created with functionality in mind first, details that make a space aesthetically beautiful fall into line seamlessly. When proportion and scale are implemented correctly, crucial design elements like balance, light and even the rhythm of the room are achieved so well that they become a part of the ambiance homeowners will enjoy day in and day out.

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