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Posted on October 14, 2014 by Frank John Garcia in Tile

Gulf Tile Adds Gorgeous Glazzio Tile

Gulf Tile is excited to announce the addition of a new manufacturer to our distribution partners.  Clients enhancing the beauty of their homes are invited to peruse the stunningly custom look of Glazzio. With a larger selection of gorgeously, versatile offerings than any other glass manufacturer, clients will be dazzled as they select the perfect accent-tile from the Glazzio series.

Prominence and Appearance

Glazzio Tiles are available in unique sizes and shapes that visually compliment a home including breathtakingly beautiful glass mosaics in staggered, harlequin and floral shapes. Every finish, color, size, pattern and glass shape is ready for selection, contentonlyincluding custom made tiles. Available in innovate glass and stone blends, slate, glass and marble blends, mirror finishes, crystal series, travertine and even metal, Glazzio offers endless possibilities for a stunning application.


Application Recommendations

glazzio 3As vibrant and aesthetically spectacular as they are durable, Glazzio Tiles work exquisitely in both internal or external applications such as:

  • Indoor or outdoor accent liners
  • Kitchen back-splashes and feature walls
  • Spa areas: shower,bath, back-splashes
  • Pool and jacuzzis
  • As accent color or to compliment traditional ceramic tiles


All Glazzio stock is promptly available to our clients within a week so that design concepts can move forward and projects can come together quickly and beautifully.

Complete Product Line

Gulf Tile is pleased to extend the entire line of Glazzio Tiles to our clients and to directly bring a touch of superb elegance to great design.  Visit our design center today to see the large selection of Glazzio Tiles.

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