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Posted on December 1, 2014 by Frank John Garcia in Kitchen Remodel

Choosing a Backsplash with Gulf Tile & Cabinetry

When selecting a backsplash factor in the color and style of the cabinetry, countertop and wall color.

When selecting a backsplash factor in the color and style of the cabinetry, countertop and wall color.

Selecting a distinguished backsplash for your kitchen will emphasize your home’s beauty and add an attractive, interesting element to it. For less money than other projects that traditionally bring a space together, like counter-tops and flooring, a custom backsplash is most often the icing on the cake for many homeowners. A prominent backsplash is a wise addition for a number of reasons.

  • It helps reflect the ambient touches of the kitchen including the appliances, color pallet and counter-tops.
  • The materials incorporated throughout a backsplash make a statement and beautifully reflect personal style.
  • A backsplash covers a smaller area than other surfaces, making it much more cost effective to incorporate high-quality materials throughout.

Deciding on a decadent and deserving backsplash design will take contemplation and a plan to get it right. When the project is complete, the right backsplash will truly accentuate not only the kitchen, but the entire home.

Steps to Take Before Coming to Our Showroom

The first step in the design phase for selecting a backsplash is visualizing your existing space. Since backsplash boards are a standard 18 inches to help with picturing height when comparing materials, now is also a good time to think about cabinetry lay-out and any cut-out considerations you may need to consider.

The second step in narrowing down backsplash options is to think about performance and purpose. If the backsplash will be a feature of the kitchen for example, its style will be more distinct, whereas if the focal point will remain granite counter-tops, an ideal backsplash design will be more subtle so that it does not conflict. Homeowners installing granite in a project will also want to ensure that there is communication with the granite company to not install the standard four-inch wall piece, since it will not work attractively when a backsplash is added later and because it will ruin the underlying wall when removed.

Finally, before browsing for backsplash options, homeowners should familiarize themselves with types of materials available, finished looks they admire and truly understand what they like and dislike. Bringing in photos or a design sample of cabinetry and counter-tops will also make the process easier.

Kitchen Color and Backsplash Size

Homeowners will want to consider the color of their kitchen when selecting from backsplash materials. Much like paint, materials like glass, stone, tile and even metal can take on a different hue when installed versus in the showroom, depending on the materials and color around it. It is an excellent idea to utilize a paint-wheel and take extra time to visually mix and match tiles so that you don’t end up with something green in tone when you ultimately desire gray. As far as backsplash size goes, be prepared with the dimensions and size of your kitchen. 6×6 stone tiles can be stacked in rows of 3 or paired with a liner in order to reduce the choppy effect that some backsplash materials can have. The largest benefit of installing a backsplash is that homeowners are often able to spend a little more for higher-quality and unique materials since it is for a smaller area. With many innovative materials to choose from, homeowners will be enjoyably immersed in a variety of backsplash options. While some textiles can be mixed, the first stage in determining type of backsplash is considering what kind of material will work best for each individual.

Choose Your Material


Rock Stone Backsplash Area. Find many stone choices at Gulf Tile.

Rock Stone Backsplash Area. Find many stone choices at Gulf Tile.

A stone backsplash is the most versatile choice. For homeowners who update their style frequently, stone is a good option because it remains in the background and allows any shade of paint to look great. Textural in nature, a space can easily transition from a light area into a richer, deeper terracotta as desired with little modification. Further, stone backsplashes require little if any trim, and equally provide an element of drama when rich reds or golds are incorporated into the design. Primarily, stone backsplashes are advantageous because they are a non-traction surface and can be sealed incredibly well for durability and easy cleaning.


Glass backsplashes are the most sumptuous. With the most options, color spectrum and patterns available, glass provides homeowners with the ability to mix color, shape, size and elements of bling or painted glass to luxuriously feature their kitchen area. Elongated Alhambra shapes and diagonal glass gives prominence to the backsplash and allows it to shine. Ideal for a bold look, glass also works in combination of other materials, especially when creating a backsplash that maintains its integrity from far away.


Sleek and industrial, a metal backsplash gorgeously emphasizes stainless steel counter-tops or a kitchen island and successfully reflects a gourmet design. When mixed with stone or glass, metal radiates sophistication and brings the kitchen to life.


A tile backsplash has a versatile look with clean and simple designs that works well with a traditional home.

A tile backsplash has a versatile look with clean and simple designs that works well with a traditional home.

Homeowners select a tile backsplash when their priority is to coordinate with the floor or to subdue a busy granite counter-top. A plain tile backsplash is ideal for a clean and simple look that works well in a traditional home. Subway-tile in particular, is both classic, vintage and available in an assortment of patterns like crackle, beveled, flat and floral.


Using a combination of two or all of these types of materials is becoming more and more popular.  Glass and stone are the most frequently used together but metal complements them in many instances.  Several manufacturers offer selections with different type of materials already included, but we could also put a few horizontal rows on top of each other for the combined look.

Complimenting beautiful kitchen design with a customized backsplash adds value and ambiance to the overall finished kitchen space. Since the backsplash element of a home can easily be updated or changed out to reflect a homeowner’s dynamic taste, it is a wonderful investment. At eye level, a kitchen backsplash can be a successful focal point drawing the eye up and gaining attention over other materials in the kitchen, and alternatively, a more subtle backsplash style can beautifully emphasize other features of the space.

Visit our experienced design team today for guidance and recommendations on attractive, elegant backsplash options and sumptuous design ideas that will compliment your kitchen and represent your personal taste completely.


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