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Posted on December 11, 2014 by Frank John Garcia in Stone

Norstone Ledgestone Panels – Quality That Makes All The Difference

Norstone natural ledgestone panel

Norstone natural ledgestone panel on an accent wall or surrounding a fireplace.

Our friends at Norstone have taken the 6”x 24” natural ledgestone panel concept to a new level, and we have to say, we love it.  “Because this is all we do, we are specialists at manufacturing Ledgestone Panels.  We don’t manufacture flooring, for example.  Because this is our niche, it is our responsibility to be the best, and we take pride in that,” says Rassan Grant of Norstone.  The difference in quality really shows itself in the finished details:

  • Norstone IS thicker, better calibrated & more dimensional.  Because Norstone’s background is Masonry, not Tile, their panels are thicker than the ones that come from China, India or Brazil.  That makes for a healthier, more textural, and more robust looking installation on the wall, and, most importantly they fit together like a glove the first time.
  • This wall emulates a simple, yet elegant look

    This wall emulates a simple, yet elegant look.

    Norstone IS Seamless, particularly their corners.  Norstone’s 2-part Corner-Detail is visibly and undeniably the most seamless corner detail of any ledgestone panel product on the market today; for Remodelers, that means projects like fireplaces are a breeze.  No more mitering and no more questions about why the corners did not come out quite right.

  • Norstone USES much higher-quality stone & adhesive.  Norstone uses a 2-part Epoxy to build their panels.  That, combined with the thicker stone, means Norstone cuts cleanly on the saw and handles well in transit.  If you’ve ever handled product from Floor & Décor, you know it falls apart during cutting, handling and installation.  Norstone saves that headache & the man-hours by staying together, fitting together, and finally looking impressive on the wall.

Norstone values simplicity as elegance.  No more clutter.  Instead of offering so many colors, making it difficult for your customer to decide, Norstone specializes in making four shades perfect: the Ochre blend (browns, beiges, greys, blues and greens) the Charcoal (medium-bodied Grey), Ivory Blend (a premium blend of white and ivory tones for that Mediterranean look) and White (an absoutely pure white).  It also comes in TWO size formats, giving designers more flexibility to achieve the desired style.

Use Norstone to provide a dramatic look on an accent wall

Use Norstone to provide a dramatic look on an accent wall.

Because Norstone installs like tile, these 6″ x 24″ stone panels are excellent for use on feature walls, columns, fireplaces and backsplashes.  Here’ a video from the DIY Network showing Norstone ochre stone panels in a bathroom transformation.  DIY Network Norstone segment.

Be sure to stop into your local Gulf Tile Showroom to see Norstone on display, or better yet, request samples from your Account Representative today.

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