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Posted on December 18, 2014 by Frank John Garcia in Stone

Norstone BOOMS With Line of Sleek New Volcanic Tile

This sleek, contemporary fireplace wall uses Basalt Interlocking Tiles

This sleek, contemporary fireplace wall uses Basalt Interlocking Tiles

Norstone recently launched their new product line of Basalt Interlocking Tiles, a beautiful new exotic stone offering for any modern project, and it’s making huge waves in the commercial and modern building markets. Recent projects include Boeing Headquarters in Seattle and Google Headquarters in Mountain View.

Norstone’s reprutation for exactness and quality in their manufacturing of their classic Norstone Ledgestone Panel line is every bit as present in this new line as ever before. “Once the lava has dried, the resulting stone is cut out of the ground, honed on the face, cut again into individual tiles, and then mesh-mounted to produce the finished product,” says Ross Nuccio of Norstone. The honed finish produces a silky feel, and the final result is a gorgeous new exotic stone aimed at the contemporary designer market that you have to see to believe.

Perfect for wall treatments inside and out, the Norstone Basalt IL Tile range is available in two modern colors: Ash Grey and Ebony. The Ash Grey is a medium bodied gray while the ebony offers a deep, dark option, perfect for the almost black color palette.

Basalt tiles can be used wet spaces such as a pool or spa

Norstone’s Basalt tiles can be used in pools or spas.

The Interlocking Tile unit harnesses the uniqueness of this stone into a modern, plank inspired mat mounted mosaic tile product.  Each Basalt strip checks in at 12″ wide and varies between three heights of 1″, 1.4″ and 2.4″, and are staggered into an interlocking pattern, significantly expediting large scale installations.  Each tile will vary between about .4″ and .6″ in thickness, adding a subtle hint of dimension to this contemporary mosaic.

Norstone’s New Offering is now on display in all Gulf Tile locations. Be sure to harness the power of this exciting new product by inquiring today with your Gulf Tile Account Rep about samples, pricing, and availability!



Basalt Interlocking Tile Gallery


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