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Posted on December 29, 2014 by Frank John Garcia in Stone

Norstone’s “XL” Sized Rock Panel Will Embolden Your Project

Norstone's XL Panels offers the same quality of panel but in a larger version.

Same quality of panel, but in a larger version.

If you know Norstone, then you know they have been a hit in the luxury markets selling their high-end ledgestone veneer Rock Panel system worldwide for over a decade, working with brands like Google, Hilton Hotels, BCBG Max Azria, to name a few. Valuing simplicity and quality, they have taken the lead in the A&D Markets for their reliability and fabulous finished look.

Larger Looking Stones

Following up on their success with their flagship Ledgestone Panel, the new “XL” Sized Rock Panel was designed with a larger format in mind and introduced to fill the need for more sizeable projects. That means, if you’re looking to leverage the easy installation of the panel system concept, but need a look suited to a larger scale, Norstone’s got you covered. The XL Series will have around 8 or 9 individual stones per sq ft, or roughly half the amount of the standard series, making it ideal for big projects like commercial and residential facades, retaining and neighborhood walls, or anywhere a larger format stacked stone look is needed.

Same Color Choices

The XL Series Rock Panel is now available in the same FOUR colors Norstone is famous for: Ochre Blend (browns, beigest, greys, reds, blues and greens), Charcoal (medium bodied Grey tones), Ivory Blend (premium selection of whites and crème tones), and White (a pure white quartz).

The rich look combined with easy installation for larger areas makes Norstone a popular choice.

The rich look combined with easy installation for larger areas makes Norstone a popular choice.

New Interlocking End Pattern

In addition the individual stone sizes, another major difference between Norstone’s XL and Standard Series is the new interlocking end pattern, offered only in the XL Series. With a larger format stone, the interlocking end becomes more important to minimize the appearance of vertical seams.

Same Impeccable Quality

One thing that will never change is the precision manufacturing and quality components that we’ve come to expect from Norstone, including a high grade two part ply epoxy used to adhere the individual stones together and Norstone’s unique outside corner unit – the only multiple finger joint designed corner unit in the stone veneer market.

If you’re interested in getting a sample or two of the any of Norstone’s three product lines, be sure to contact your local Gulf Tile Representative. Norstone is on display in all Gulf Tile locations: Tampa, Largo, and Bradenton. We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to let us know if you anything, be it a sample, pricing or just a brochure.


Norstone’s XL Rock Panel Gallery

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