Celebrating 60 Years in 2020

Converting Closed Rooms Into an Open Kitchen Design


The old dining room was to small and served as an office.

The homeowners we worked with on this project struggled for years to live in a home with an awkward floorplan. The room designated as a dining room was so small as to be virtually unusable for any activity. The kitchen was long and dark with inadequate cabinet and counter space. The homeowners used the formal living room as the dining room. The small room off of the kitchen was filled with tables to augment the kitchen counter space and a small area was set aside as a home office. While they managed to work around the space, the time had come to make the space work for them.

Structural Changes


Wrap around cabinets replaced where the old dining room wall was.

The first thing we planned for the contractors to do was to cut the long wall in the “dining room” and wrap interior-lit cabinets around the new corner to allow the wife to display her crystal glassware and to open the space. We removed the short wall of the room to extend the kitchen and create a home office area for the husband.

We also had them remove an old pantry which blocked people from moving easily from the family room to the kitchen, requiring them to walk a long way around to get a snack. We used the newly opened space to create a bar area with stools, sink, cabinets and countertops. The kitchen now has a more open and airy feel as it is no longer cut off from the rest of the home. Someone working in the kitchen can now see and talk to people in the family as well as watch the television.

Cabinets and Countertops


Moving the refrigerator gave a continuous line of cabinets and countertops.

The refrigerator was moved to allow for the kitchen extension and new home office space. They installed several new floor and wall cabinets which added storage, counter, and workspace. Due to the construction costs, we were very budget conscious when selecting the cabinets. The homeowners chose a lovely Merrilat Classic Design in a cherry finish. We added roll outs on the cabinets and soft closes on the drawers. There is a bumped out cabinet above the microwave to allow the oven to be mounted above the countertop yet have a finished edge consistent with the overall look and feel of the room.

To complement the cabinets yet keep the room light we used Giallo Ornamental granite for the countertops. The rich cream color has flecks of gold with pops of garnet that picks up the cherry finish of the cabinets. To complete the walls, we used tumbled marble tiles for the backsplash, which is light colored, relatively inexpensive, easy to find, yet added additional texture to the room.


As part of this project, all existing carpets and flooring were removed and American Olean Danya porcelain tile was installed in the family room, dining room, kitchen, hall, and bathroom. This choice added a sense of light and consistency to the main living areas of the home.

The homeowners now enjoy a kitchen which allows them to live their life on their terms. We had to knock out a few walls and rearrange the layout of the appliances, but with some creativity and collaboration we created a beautiful room within our client’s budget.

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