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Posted on June 10, 2015 by Frank John Garcia in Flooring

Whole House Porcelain Wood Planks

The type of flooring used in a home can impact the owners in several ways.  Depending on the choices made, it can:

  • Increase, decrease, or have no effect on the value of a home.
  • Unify the rooms in the home, making the space look bigger, or it can create disconnect between the areas which causes the space feel choppy and small.
  • Be long wearing, requiring little maintenance and upkeep, or requiring replacing or resurfacing over time.
Wood Plank Tiles Throughout the House.

Wood Plank Tiles Throughout the House.

Recently, we worked with a couple who moved into a new home.  They had two small children and a dog.  The house currently had a combination of tile, carpeting and laminate flooring and the owners wanted to replace all of it.  The young couple knew they did not want carpet but were uncertain as to what would be best choice for their home and lifestyle.

When they came to our showroom we showed them laminate, luxury vinyl, real wood and porcelain plank tile.  The laminate and vinyl would not have appreciated the value of their home and, since the house is also an investment, they did not select these options.  The real wood flooring was a viable choice but it could not be used in the kitchen and bathrooms.  With the open floor plan of the home, the change in flooring in the kitchen would have disrupted the flow of the space. Also, with the dog and small children, there was concern about scratches and stains.

The final product we showed them was the porcelain wood planks.  They were impressed with the variety of choices and styles as well as the fact that it was scratch and stain resistant.  They also loved that it could be used in all areas of their home including the kitchen. Unlike real wood flooring, the porcelain wood planks do not need to be resurfaced which was another plus for this product.

This couple purchased the porcelain wood plank flooring for their entire home.  The house immediately looked and felt bigger.  There was a consistency between the rooms, including bathrooms, laundry room and kitchen.  When we followed up with the family a few months later, they told us that they loved the look and feel of the porcelain wood planks as well as how little care it required.

Porcelain wood plank flooring was the perfect choice for this family.  Please stop by our showroom or view our website to see if this product is also right for you.

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