Celebrating 60 Years in 2020

Whole House Remodel

When I decided to purchase a new home, my process was a bit different than most. I knew I wanted a newer home as I didn’t want to deal with the maintenance issue older homes usually have. I didn’t want a brand new home since many builders are not flexible in the choices they give the purchasers with regard to tiles, finishes, and such. My realtor began showing me newer houses that had come onto the market and quickly realized that she shouldn’t bother to point out features such as the great bathroom sinks or floor tiles as I didn’t care. I just wanted a home that had the right bones for me to flesh out with my own vision. The house I purchased was listed as “move in ready home,” which might have been true for most people, but not me.  


I am not your average homebuyer; I eat, sleep, and drink TILE so it didn’t matter what any of the houses had, I was ready for demo.  I have been dream-designing and planning my floors and bathrooms for years.   These dreams weren’t static though, they always evolved to include new trends and the latest tile and stone as I fell in love with them.




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Living room and dining room and kitchen bar are before the remodel.

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By replacing the dark flooring with the gray/beige porcelain floor planks the family room looks brighter.

What I hadn’t expected, but should have, was that I literally remodeled my entire house without leaving the office.  We had just about everything I needed to bring my ideas to life right where I work, at Gulf Tile & Cabinetry.   From my dream vanity, across the expansive porcelain wood planks I stand on, to the stone hexagons in my shower, and all the way to the power touch kitchen faucet I am obsessed with, it all started at Gulf Tile & Cabinetry.

Now that most of the dust has cleared I am excited to share images of my remodeling journey.  I will start by admitting that it was much harder for me to remodel my own home than it is for me to help others with theirs.  The problem is that I like so many things. I’ve always loved stone but now there are hand-crafted ceramics and tiles, and there is always something new coming out.  In the end, I went with choices that were less bold than I originally envisioned because I wanted to be able to change things from time to time.  Repainting a wall is relatively inexpensive but replacing tile is not, so I made tile and finish choices that would work with several different color schemes.


Flooring used is the Iris 8x48 Frenchwood Larch

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Flooring used is the Iris 8×48 Frenchwood Larch.

With my new home, I started the remodel with the floors.  The home came with natural hard wood floors that were extremely shiny and a dark mahogany red.  Some people thought I was crazy to take the floors out but wood floors require maintenance and the shinier they are, the more scratches become visible.   I believe a home should be comfortable and made to be lived in.  I didn’t want to worry about keeping the floor scratch-free so out went the hard woods and in went porcelain planks.

I love porcelain planks because they can go everywhere in the home.  My new house is one story and with the same flooring throughout, including the bathrooms, it makes the spaces seem bigger and the home more cohesive.  The planks now come in a wider size and I used the new 8 x 48 inch planks in a gray/beige color that immediately brightened the home.  I also love the fact that these porcelain planks are made by Iris, an Italian company, which has a factory here in the US.

Master Bath

11.jpg Mather Bath resized

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Stone tiles were used on both the tub and the wall but cut into different dimensions.

With the floors completed, I moved on to the master bathroom.  The room is huge, about 100 square feet, with a large tub and walk in shower.  The odd thing about the room was that it was tiled completely in white.  Floors, walls, shower, everything was white.  There was also no vanity, just 2 white pedestal sinks with a four foot gap between them and no vanity, counter space or storage.  Fortunately, none of this mattered because I had a plan.

We took out the pedestal sinks and I installed a long, 10 foot vanity, which is a series of cabinets.  We bumped some of out so they are staggered and have a more “furniture” feel.  A granite countertop and two sinks were installed and I put a storage tower between them to break up the look and to give the room a homey feel.  I chose a dark wood with lighter walls and installed framed mirrors above the sinks.

I used natural stone tiles on the tub and the same tiles cut as 3×6 subway tiles on the walls.  I did the tile as a wainscoting, which I like to do in wet areas, such as near bathrooms and in showers.  In this case, the subway tiles went up ¾ of the wall and are topped by the same hexagon mosaic stone tile I selected for the shower floor.  The tile is finished with stone molding above and below.  The portions of the wall that have no tile are painted a light, complementary color.

The stone mosaic tile I used is via Rojo which is a complete blend of colors and stone types.  I love it because it gives a sense of movement.  It comes in small and large sizes.  I used the smaller one for the shower floor and wainscoting and we cut the larger ones for use on the top of tub deck.

Guest Bath

This bathroom had a glued-on mirror most builders use and I had to have the drywall repaired after the mirror was removed, but it was worth it.  I used the wainscot again with a mosaic of glass and slate strip around the top with a channel of stone above and below it.  Below that strip, all four walls and the shower have 3×6 inch tumbled stone in a chocolate color installed in a herringbone pattern.   I then added a white pedestal sink and framed mirror.  I added a standard baseboard on top of the tile versus having the tile sit on top of the existing baseboard.  You don’t have to do this, but I think it looks much better and gives the room a more finished look.  I painted the wall areas that did not have tile.



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The homeowner was able to order the same Merillat cabinets for the island making the room cohesive.

The existing kitchen had white cabinets and black granite countertops, which I liked.  What it didn’t have was an island and I also didn’t like that the sink was not under-mounted.  After measuring the room, I found that we did have enough space for an island and since the existing cabinets were Merillat, I could purchase matching ones for the island.  The granite was also a standard color/type so I could replace the sections I needed to under mount the sinks and for the top of the island without having to redo the whole kitchen.  The power touch facet I had been ogling at the Gulf Tile & Cabinetry Showroom was installed and I added a slate backsplash to tie it all together.  The room is perfect.

Most people aren’t as crazy as I am, remodeling a perfectly fine house all at once, but I’ve dreamed of this for so long that I had to do it.  What few people appreciate is that they have access to the same resources I used for my projects.  They are literally all available in one place: Gulf Tile & Cabinetry.  Stop in and let us help you make your dream home a reality.

Products Used:

Floors Throughout

Master Bath

  • Shower Wall, Tub Face & Wainscot Terra Marmol 3×6 Honed Cozumel
  • Accent Band and Shower Floor Terra Marmol Via Regio Polished Hex
  • Tub Deck: Terra Marmol Via Regio 18×18 Patina Finish

Master Vanity

  • Kraftmaid Sedona Doors Style/ Finish Hazel Suede
  • (Countertop Butterfly Gold Granite )

Hall Bath

  • 3×6 Terra Marmol Tumbled Chocolate
  • Accent Glazzio Northampton Mosaic


  • Puccini 5/8 x 5/8 New England Slate
  • (Countertops Absolute Black Granite)



Project Pictures