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Posted on March 31, 2016 by Frank John Garcia in Kitchen Remodel

Gulf Tile & Cabinetry Discuss Operations and a Sale on “Daytime”

Lou Piniella, Jr. and Robert Senior visited the hosts of Daytime to discuss the challenges of a kitchen remodel and what makes Gulf Tile & Cabinetry different from other home remodeling stores.

An Investment in Your Home

The kitchen is the heart of the home and with today’s open floor plans it makes sense to spend money on that heart.  A kitchen remodel provides one of the best returns on investment and is something the entire family can enjoy.  Many people are intimidated by a kitchen remodel because it involves a lot of decisions, choices, and money and this is where you see the Gulf Tile & Cabinetry difference.

Lou discussed the wonderful assortment of quality products from flooring to cabinet hardware available through Gulf Tile & Cabinetry.  We have styles and color pallets ranging from classic to contemporary as well as the tools to present the process to the home owners.

Gulf Tile & Cabinetry’s Design Process

Robert explained how our designers help homeowners with complicated remodel projects, such as a kitchen.  The designer works with the homeowners through every phase of the project, from design, to implementation, through installation.  They work hard to meet the owners’ needs, budget and time frame, though some materials require more installation time than others.

Although many people believe that a remodel is out of their price range, they are pleasantly surprised by what is possible.  Gulf Tile & Cabinetry is currently running a $5999 sale on cabinets and countertops that help the budget stretch farther.

In the end, the answer to what makes Gulf Tile & Cabinetry different from their competitors is simple: products, service, and expertise.  Visit our showrooms and turn your dream kitchen into a reality.

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