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Posted on April 25, 2017 by Frank John Garcia in Company News

A Tour of Gulf Tile’s New Tampa Showroom With Morning Blend

Carley Boyette, WFTS co-host of Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend recently toured Gulf Tile’s newly remodeled showroom. Her tour guide was none other than our CEO, Frank Garcia. Carley visited our Tampa showroom as part of the show’s Home Pro feature, and her response was, “It’s like Pinterest come to life.”

Choices Abound in Our Idea Room

The tour began in the Idea Room where customers can play with different colors, textures, sizes and designs, finding the best tiles to match countertops and cabinets. As Carley oohed and aahed over the selection, Frank explained, “We have a very large selection because we want people to choose what they want, rather than push them toward what we have sitting in a pallet or stacked against a wall. Our goal is to help you create a space that is uniquely yours.” Frank added that the showroom staff includes experienced design consultants who help customers express their wants and needs, then helps them turn it into a reality.

Carley and Frank then visited the Outdoor Room, which has several cutting-edge products that stand up to the elements and look great for years. They also viewed several of the bathroom vignettes featured throughout the showroom that show examples of different bathroom and shower choices, including niches and tile of various colors, sizes and textures.

Large Format Tiles

The tour ended with a look at the large format tiles.The largest Frank presented was a 5 x 10 foot thin panel slab of engineered porcelain, perfect for a large shower, or any wall finish. He and Carley also looked at a 24 x 48 large format tile, as well as several floor tiles including a 30 x 30 and an 18 x 36. As Frank explained,  “How people are using tile has changed. The larger the tile, the larger and more open the space feels.”

As Carley stated, “Seeing these products in person is very different from viewing them on a computer screen.” So, stop by and visit any one of Gulf Tile & Cabinetry’s four designer showrooms. Each location is uniquely designed to showcase various products, colors and styles and our knowledgeable design consultants are waiting to assist you.

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