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Posted on June 5, 2017 by Frank John Garcia in Kitchen Remodel

Gulf Tile Talks Kitchen Design on Home Pros

The Gulf Tile team of VP/COO Lou Piniella, Jr. and Business Development Manager Angela Holloway discussed kitchen design with Morning Blend co-host Carley Boyette as part of their Home Pros series. Carley noted that many people were uncomfortable discussing cabinet purchases because they need to bring in measurements. Angela explained that only the most rudimentary information was needed, just wall-to-wall dimensions, photos on a tablet or telephone help to fill in the blanks needed to start cabinetry design.



is also important to most customers and with kitchen cabinets several factors impact cost, including:      

    • Finishes
    • Wood Species
    • Coloration
    • Glaze
    • Paint
    • Composition
    • Construction

There are also the design elements of trim, molding and sconces, which must be considered.
Carley asked about resurfacing the cabinets to save money and time. Angela explained that this is a common misconception. By the time you price out the materials and labor of refinishing existing cabinets, you are at the same price point of new cabinets. Lou added that resurfacing the existing cabinets doesn’t improve functionality or layout of the kitchen, unlike new cabinets that can be designed around your needs.

Then Carley asked an important question: With all of the big-box stores in the area,Why come to Gulf Tile?

Lou gave several significant reasons:

  • Gulf Tile is family owned and operated since 1960.
  • We pride ourselves on customer service.
  • With Gulf Tile, you meet with one designer to address all your needs, including cabinets, flooring, backsplashes, sinks and counter tops, unlike our competitors where you would need to meet with several different people.
  • We install our products as well as design and sell.

The Gulf Tile designers also know that our customers have cost concerns and they design the kitchen to fit their style and functionality needs within their budgets. Angela added that many clients bring in photos from Pinterest, and the designers use them to create their perfect kitchen.

If you are remodeling an existing room or designing a new home, visit one of our four showrooms and meet with our design staff. We would love to help you create the perfect spaces for you and your family.

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