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Posted on February 2, 2018 by Frank John Garcia in Bathrooms Kitchen Remodel

Home Renovations and Remodels Bring Homeowners Joy

In the current housing marketing, demand outstrips supply in nearly every major and even minor community across the country. As a result, the average homeowner is expected to keep their home longer, 15 years in total, which is up from the 12 year average of last year. Rather than paying high prices in a sellers’ market, many homeowners have turned to renovations or remodels to keep their living environments fresh trendy and found something unexpected – these changes brought joy!

Kitchen Renovations and Remodels

 The kitchen is the heart of the home and an upgrade in this room is both satisfying and offers a high return on investment according to REALTORS®. Of the survey participants, the kitchen renovation had a significant impact on the enjoyment they experienced being in their home. When the renovation was complete, this type of renovation received a whopping 10 out of 10 on the Joy Score. Not only did these families love their new kitchens, the experts at REALTORS® estimate that approximately 62% of the cost was recouped during a later sale. The average cost of the kitchen remodel was $40,000, which means that it brought an almost $25,000 increase in the purchase price of the home.

A kitchen remodel is less extensive than a full renovation but still ranked 9.6 on the Joy Scale and resulted in a 57% return in investment. In this process, the flow and design of the room remains unchanged, but surfaces such as countertops, backsplashes, floors and cabinets are upgraded to give the room a fresh look and feel. These projects had an average cost of $20,000 and produced a significant positive impact for that price.

Bathroom Renovations

Tied with the kitchen remodel on the Joy Scale, the bathroom renovation scored a 9.6 out of 10. Families who renovated their bathrooms did so for one of two reasons, either to improve functionality and livability or to upgrade the surfaces, finishes and materials. Regardless of the motivation, 78% of these homeowners feel a major sense of accomplishment when they think about the project and it has improved the contentment they feel in their homes. The average cost of these renovations was $15,000 and approximately 50% of that amount will be recovered during the sale of the home.

Let Gulf Tile Increase Your Joy Score

Whether you want to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom, Gulf Tile  has what you need to take your Joy Score off the charts. Our design experts can help you realize your dreams and assist you in identifying possibilities you hadn’t even considered. This expertise is backed by the largest selection of tiles, cabinets, flooring, fixtures and hardware available in the area. We pride ourselves in bringing the best of the best to our customers, including the latest, high quality products that are perfectly suited to our Florida environment.
Since 1960, we have helped Florida homeowners create the perfect living spaces for their families. We have grown to 5 locations to better serve our customers and display the many choices we offer. Get the most from your remodel or renovation investment by purchasing beautiful and durable products that will let your home shine. Visit our showrooms in Tampa, Largo, and Sarasota or make an appointment to meet with a design expert to get started on your home remodel project today. It’s time to increase your Joy Score, and it brings us joy to help you achieve it.

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