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Posted on July 25, 2018 by Frank John Garcia in Kitchen Remodel

What is Behind a Painted Cabinet Door?

So, you want a new kitchen and decide a painted wood cabinet is the look you want. Maybe a little grey painted island with white cabinets wrapping around. Sounds beautiful.


The dream kitchen is in planning stages, you meet with your designer, they design this dream kitchen and then hand you a wood characteristic sheet. In the excitement of buying your dream kitchen, you sign it and start the production of your beautiful kitchen.

Let’s talk about that painted wood. Have you seen natural maple in its raw form before the paint is applied?


Above, are just a few wood characteristics you as a buyer should be aware of when purchasing a painted wood cabinet door. Those characters will show through the paint. A painted door should never be expected to be perfectly smooth and flawless. Wood has character and that character is what makes us love the natural element.

What if you want the white painted wood door without the characters, do you have options? Yes!

Many cabinet manufacturers offer a door referred to as a Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) door. It consists of thin panels made from wood fibers, resin, and wax. It is a dense, strong, and durable product. MDF doors will allow you to have that painted wood door without the joint lines, the grain, pitting, and the rest of the characteristics of a real wood cabinet door.
Below is a picture of a raw MDF door before the finish is applied.


Unpainted Medium-Density Fiber (MDF) Door


Whether you like the character or not, painted cabinets are here to stay in kitchen designs. The real wood cabinet doors will add texture and character to the cabinets. The MDF doors will give you a sleeker painted look. Either door material you choose will create a beautiful kitchen.

Remember, a kitchen is looked at as a whole, not as an individual door. When purchasing a new kitchen and you want a paint finish, take the time to ask questions about the product being painted. Ask for samples or examples of the
painted product and be informed of the product before purchase. Your designer will be able to accommodate you in your requests and questions about painted cabinets here at Gulf Tile and Cabinetry. When the kitchen is being installed,
take a step back to look at the kitchen, as you can see above, the cabinets are stunning when they are all installed and finished.

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