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Posted on July 18, 2019 by Frank John Garcia in Company News Tile

DUE2 PORCELAIN PAVERS…The Newest Trend From Europe! The Best Choice for Outdoor Paving!

At Gulf Tile, we constantly look for exceptional products that offer great value to our clients. We recently discovered Due2 pavers by Del Conca USA, an incredible 24”x24” durable, non-porous paver manufactured from the highest-grade porcelains. 

Today we are very excited to announce the manufacturer, Del Conca USA selected Gulf Tile & Cabinetry to be their exclusive supplier of Due2 for Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Sarasota ; now displayed in our showrooms.   


Why We Love This Paver

This high quality, affordably priced pavers have several exceptional features. Perfect for any outdoor setting including pools, patios, and walkways, these pavers are:

  • Easily installed using dry installation techniques on grass, sand or gravel.
  • More durable than concrete and natural stone; can withstand our harsh Florida sun and driving rains.
  • You will never need to seal this product
  • Strong and long-lasting with through-body porcelain stoneware.
  • 20 mm thickness that stands up to heavy traffic and everyday wear-and-tear. 
  • Non-fading and will keep their color for years without annual maintenance or sealing.
  • Constructed with through-body porcelain which means the color and design goes all through the body of the pavers rather than only on the surface.
  • Naturally, mold and slip-resistant, improving safety in all outdoor areas.
  • Stylish. They are available in many formats and colors with complementing built-ins such as steps, skirting boards, pool copings, and L-shaped trims.


Add Sophistication to Your Outdoor Living by Creating the Ultimate Oasis

These large pavers will retain their beauty and texture for many years compared to natural or concrete products.  So, now’s the time to begin that outdoor upgrade you’ve been dreaming about.  This high-tech praised-paver is a favorite to homeowners, architects, and designers through-out Florida.


See for Yourself

Visit one of our showrooms and discover the possibilities of Due2 Pavers by Del Conca USA. These beautiful, durable and easy to maintain pavers are perfect for any outdoor space and will enhance the look and feel of these areas.

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