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Glass TilesGlass tiles have been around for centuries, but when modern glass tile first made a splash almost half a dozen years ago, designers, decorators and builders alike thought that incorporating glass into home looks was merely a trend. Instead, glass continued to grow in popularity, becoming a classic in just a few years. Glass is now used in dozens of decorating applications both indoors and out. The expert design consultants at Gulf Tile can help you find the perfect way to add beautiful, versatile, luminous glass to your next remodeling project.

A Wealth of Options

Glass Tiles

Glass tile is available in virtually every color, shape, size and finish imaginable. Unlike natural stone, this malleable material spans the spectrum from structured, cutting-edge modern looks to hand-poured rustic styling, making glass a seamless addition to both contemporary and classic design.

Glass has an unmatched shine, adds depth and can be incorporated into any room or layout. Glass is hypoallergenic, easy cleaning and impermeable, making it ideal for use in kitchens, baths and swimming pools or spas. Use glass in decorative clippings or accent lines in borders and backsplashes, up the impact of standard pool surfaces, or mix and match with other materials to add a pop of color in traditional, earth-toned tiling.

Design Ideas:

At Gulf Tile, we have access to a comprehensive catalog of glass tiles from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including:

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