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Mosaics, Decorative, Listellos


MedallionThis Waterjet medallion is a mosaic medallion fused together into one solid piece.

Incorporating listellos, mosaics or decorative tiles into your kitchen, bath or tiled floors is a striking way to add personality while capturing cutting-edge trends or preserving the timeless elegance of classic design. These attractive and surprisingly affordable embellishments can take an average home and turn it into a showplace filled with surprising luxury, flair and fun.

At Gulf Tile, our superior service and expansive product line have made us the number one choice among homeowners in West Central Florida. We offer a wide selection of decorative floor and wall tiles including:

A Wealth of Options

Azteca Rojo

Azteca /RojoThis Mosaic is a mix of two different tumbled autumn slate Travertines. It is sold as a sheet, mesh mounted, and is often used as a listello.

We offer listellos, mosaics and decorative tiles in dozens of colors and patterns including sleekly modern metallic shades, the soft gemstone hues of recycled glass and the weathered beauty of natural stone.

Listellos can be used to create picture-frame effects on walls or to create stunning floor borders that mimic the look of accent rugs. Use contrasting tiles inside the frames to intensify the look.

Choose Gulf Tile, and Choose the Best

Tannery Blend

Tannery BlendGlass and stone blend mosaic from American Olean

Unlike what you’ll find at big-box retailers and home improvement emporiums, the staff at Gulf Tile is standing by to help you harness your creativity and execute your particular vision. Design shouldn’t be difficult. We can help you put the fun back in your project with imaginative uses of color and texture. Play with different design ideas until you discover the solution that’s perfect for you.

It may be difficult to believe that a single strip of decorative tiles can transform a project from so-so to stunning. Come into Gulf Tile today, spend some time in our showroom, and let us show you how to translate a minor investment into a major result.