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Porcelain Wood Planks











Porcelain wood planks allows Florida homeowners to bring the warmth and richness of hardwood flooring into every room and space of their home. With the advent of digital printing, today’s porcelain planks are nearly indistinguishable from their wood counterparts, but offer many advantages, especially for southern homes.

Amazingly Versatile

Porcelain wood planks are available in nearly any style and color of wood, and in many instances are more affordable than their natural wood counterparts. The planks have the look and feel of true wood floors but offer more versatility.

Unlike real wood flooring, porcelain wood planks can be used throughout the entire home, including kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. With open floor plans, this consistency unifies the décor and makes the space feel larger and cohesive. The planks can also be used on walls, as fireplace fronts, in showers and for other creative uses.

Low Maintenance

This flooring is perfect for families with children, pets and pools, as it does not scratch, warp or fade. Porcelain wood planks are more durable and scratch resistant than natural wood, as well as water and stain resistant. They do not need to be sanded or refinished, and can be installed with no grout line. They can be vacuumed, swept, mopped, and otherwise cleaned without risk or worry about the finish, so they are perfect for busy families or anyone who doesn’t want the worry or hassle of natural wood floors.

Incredible Options

Porcelain wood planks come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your every need. The most requested sizes are:

Unlike square tiles, planks provide extensive possibilities with patterns such as broken joint, herringbone and basket weave placements. The planks can cover a wall or floor, or used as accents in bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces, and more.

The durability and flexibility of porcelain wood planks makes them the perfect choice for Florida homeowners, as well as for anyone who wants the look of wood without the risk of scuffs and stains.