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  • WOW Boreal

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    The evolution to an innovative and subtle sparkling finish.

  • WOW Cement

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    Apt for your floors and walls. An irresistible cement ook adjusted to nowadays needs.

  • WOW Crafted

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    The beauty of hand crafted clay,the charm of timeless bricks and our passion on display. Subway style, fusion of tradition and cosmopolitan touches.

  • WOW Essential

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    Essential is a state of mind. Trendy, subtle, contemporary. Sinuous shapes and geometries, free style for your desired home character.

  • WOW Floor Tiles Collection

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    Compatible with WOW & SUBWAY LAB Four different modulating floor shapes, combinable between them.

  • WOW Subway Lab

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    We could not resist the character and timeless soul of the “Metro” tiles, that have inspired us so many times.

  • WOW Second Skin

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    Classy dressing for any wall no matter its nature.

  • WOW Collection

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    Play with the light and shadow projected from the three Dimentional shapes and their Illumination.

  • WOW Meztizaje

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    Mestizaje is our appreciation to the imperfect and the natural. Embracing ancestral “Zellige” art and the antique terracotta charms.

  • WOW Denim

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    Denim is a fashion Icon with infinite cultural winks.

  • WOW Mud

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    Mud, reconnects us with our passion to work with natural materials, stories of crafts and beauty.

  • WOW Flow

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    Elegance and refinement achieved through subtle timeless colours and blending tones, over a diamond shape .

  • WOW Boho

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    Bohemian and vintage hints with a laid back overall vibe.

  • WOW Cottage

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    In fusion with the actual trends, Cottage Collection, evokes picturesque houses full of charms.

  • WOW Fez

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    Designed with a traditional approach, that combines beauty and practicality, they are suitable for any neat environment.

  • Winter Stone

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    A soft linear, modern interpretation of stone.

  • Wonder Porcelain Enduring

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    The classic elegance and beauty of natural stone shines through the Enduring Series.

  • Wonder Porcelain Sediment

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    The Sediment series features a simple,contemporary interpretation of travertine natural stone.

  • Orchid Skyline

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    Travertine stone look.

  • Premier Collection Icaria

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    Glazed travertine stone look.

  • Premier Collection Hydra

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    Glazed marble look.

  • Premier Collection Magnisi

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    Ceramic stone look.

  • WP Lassen Wood

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    Offers the natural beauty of wood with a touch of refinement and sophistication.

  • AO Windmere

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    An impeccable blend of smooth concrete and weathered stone modernizes a traditional look.

  • Del Conca USA Tudor

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    Glazed porcelain with moderate shade variation.

  • Del Conca USA Siena

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    Glazed porcelain with high shade variation.

  • Del Conca USA Vignoni

    Fabric replicas to wood-inspired designs to sophisticated mosaics. New inspiring look and unveiling a world of design possibilities.

  • Del Conca USA Gotham 2

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    Random shade variation available in Gray, Beige & Nero.

  • Del Conca USA Gotham

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    A glazed porcelain with a random shade variation.

  • Ranchwood

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    A modern wood look with a perfect blend of light to dark tones.