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Setting Materials

Setting Materials/Allied Products

Selecting the Tile or Stone surface that is perfect for you is a very important step in the design process. Equally as important is the utilization of the appropriate installation material. Gulf Tile had a tremendous assortment of the best performing setting products and accessories on the market. From crack isolation and sound abatement membranes to vertical hold premium thin sets, to commercially rated epoxies, Gulf Tile can provide the proper materials at the right price to ensure your vision will endure the test of time.

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Analyzing and accessing your potential needs of the appropriate underlayments is critical in setting the proper foundation for any installation. Each environment is unique and has its own needs or challenges. You may have a new concrete slab or an existing one that has exhibited cracking. This settling process is in most cases a normal occurrence to some degree and a crack isolation membrane (of which we have many options) is an excellent way to prevent those cracks from spreading up through the installation and damaging your flooring.

Perhaps you live in a condominium and are mandated to utilize sound mitigation products. These materials reduce greatly the sound transmitted to and from your neighbors, regardless of the specific type of flooring used. Gulf Tile has several options to achieve any required building code your association is adhering to.

Waterproofing is always a good idea, especially in Florida. Gulf Tile carries products that can be used interior or exterior can be applied in many easy ways. Whether you are utilizing rubber sheet goods, thinset applied fabric, or roll on quick drying membranes, your home will be protected from the elements and your plumbing!

Setting materials

Once you have prepared your substrate with the proper underlayments, selecting the appropriate setting mortar is critical is achieving durability and long lasting performance.

There are a variety of potential issues to contend with to narrow your focus on product determination. Large format tiles can require medium bed thinsets that can be “built up” and allow for tighter joints. You may chose to take large formats tiles up the wall and hence require a strong vertical hold mortar that allow for an easier install process.

Different types of natural stone will not tolerate moisture and hence setting epoxies must be used to eliminate damaging your materials. If you are concerned about deflection or you are installing in an area of movement, a super flexible mortar can be used that can handle substrate activity within certain tolerances.

With our tremendous depth and breadth of inventory, the precise mortar or additive for your project is certainly available.

Trims and Transitions

Every installation requires some finishing elements, whether decorative or not, to be considered complete. These can be in the form of transitional pieces where you are flowing between different types of materials, finishing pieces to create a stopping point on a floor or wall, decorative components that can be inserted anywhere or even specialty items such as stair treads to maximize the coefficient of friction to prevent slip and falls.

These components have varied compositions, such a plastics, metals, stone and tile that allow for a wide assortment of aesthetical and practical applications. If you have ADA guidelines to follow or simply concerns about structure or safety, we can answer your questions.


A good grout job can salvage a poor installation or ruin a superb one. Rest assured that with our line of grouts, product performance is not a concern. We have cement grouts in a wide variety of colors and these 25lb bags can include polymer additives for color fastness, stain resistance and strength. Permacolor is a grout line that is suitable for wall and floor joints and has superior performance and ease of cleaning.

For those seeking the ultimate in stain protection, we carry epoxy grouts as well. There are both residential and commercial versions that offer the characteristics to enhance the durability and appearance of any type of installation.

Sealers and Cleaners

Protect both your flooring and your grout from your kids, your culinary exploits, your pets and the elements with a wide assortment of sealers, enhancers and cleaners in either water or solvent based solutions.

Whether you are deepening or enriching the inherent colors and characteristics of your stone floor, protecting your marble or grout from stain, or just adding a protective coating to your travertine pool deck, Gulf Tile has the product that is perfect for you. You have made a substantial investment in your home, protect and enrich it so it can be enjoyed for many years to come.