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Wall Tile

Wall Tile I

If you’ve always thought that wall tile meant standard, plain white, pink or yellow squares, talk to the experts at Gulf Tile to discover a selection that’s second to none. Thanks to innovative designers and daring do-it-yourself home improvement enthusiasts, wall tile has become a trendy new way to add interest to both classic and contemporary kitchen and bathroom interiors. We can help you find the wall tile treatment that’s perfect for you.

Virtually any tile that’s marketed for floor use can also be applied to walls, opening up almost endless options in material, color and design. Along with incredible variety, using floor tiles on walls also gives you the ability to go big. Larger tiles create smooth, nearly seamless surfaces with the added advantage of fewer grout lines, equaling easier maintenance and routine clean-up, especially important here in Florida’s steamy summer climate.

A World of New Looks

Wall Tile II

Wall tiles were once used almost exclusively in bath wall borders and kitchen backsplashes, but today’s savvy homeowners are using wall tiles to create stunning effects in wainscoting and decorative tile chair rails to up the oomph in powder rooms, or to fashion resort-style showers with fully tiled floors, walls and ceilings.

Design Ideas:

If you are planning a complete kitchen or bath remodel or just want to add up-to-the-minute interest to a dated room, call Gulf Tile’s design specialists today to learn about these wall tile techniques and more.