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Wood Flooring

Wisconsin Walnut Hardwood Floor

Wisconsin Walnut WoodAdd timeless beauty with the rich tones of the most popular hardwood floors, natural Wisconsin walnut.

Nothing can compare to the timelessness of wooden flooring. Wood brings the outdoors in, adding earthiness and warmth to even modern interiors. Whether piano-finished to a high shine or hand-scraped for a rustic, weathered feel, wood blends beautifully with every design sensibility.

Hardwood floors were once reserved almost exclusively for use in more northern regions. Recently, the staff at Gulf Tile has seen a growing interest in wooden floors in Tampa and the surrounding areas. New materials and innovative manufacturing techniques now make it possible to enjoy the classic beauty of natural wooden floors even in the Florida climate.

Real Wood Made Better

Engineered wood is made of real wood that is cut into thin strips that are then stacked in cross-grained layers. After being glued and pressure-treated, the resulting boards are as strong or stronger than hardwoods and less likely to chip or split than solid planks. Unlike natural wood, which is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity levels, engineered wooden flooring resists the cupping and warping common to traditional hardwood floors that are exposed to the humid Florida weather.  Engineered wood is also more conducive for covering concrete slabs.

Engineered wooden flooring looks, feels and wears just like real wood; it can be renewed and refinished like hardwoods; and because its manufacture maximizes available resources, it’s an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to solid wood.

An Affordable Luxury

Porcelain Wood Planks

Porcelain Wood PlanksCombine the strength and durability of porcelain tile with the traditional look of wood floors to create a classic look with porcelain wood planks.

Exotic woods like tiger wood or cherry may cost as much as stone, but choosing the right material can make it possible to indulge in an engineered wood floor without going over budget. While material costs may be comparable between wood and stone, installation is usually far less, leading to an exceptional result for minimal expense.

Gulf Tile is proud to offer engineered wood flooring in a variety of materials, finishes and sizes. Whether you prefer the sleek contemporary look of piano-finished cherry or the weathered and kid-resistant warmth of hand-scraped maple, our showroom is equipped to deliver your desires.


This North American native is the most popular material for hardwood flooring. Maple takes any finish from dark to light and has a smooth, understated grain that lends itself to interior design both classic and contemporary.


Known for wild shifts in color within a single plank, hickory is full of movement. This rustic hardwood is best suited to traditional settings and clear varnishes that highlight the random color variations between yellow and red.


Deep and dark with burgundy undertones, cherry is a perennial favorite. In a matte finish or polished to a mirror shine, cherry conjures an atmosphere of effortless modern elegance.


Another hardwood that lends itself to darker finishes, walnut has a unique character demonstrated by its earthly, caramel tones. Darker than maple with more movement than cherry, walnut works best in traditional spaces, including renovated historic homes.

We stock engineered wooden flooring in standard 3- or 5-inch widths of varying lengths to create the custom floor you’ve always dreamed of. Drop by Gulf Tile today to design a classic wooden floor that’s even better than nature intended.


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